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2020 Executive Meeting Minutes

17 October 2020, 10:55 am
at President's residence, Valley View

Present: Grant, Tim, Guy, Alex
Apologies: Steve

  1. Acceptance of Minutes of last meeting (19 September 2020)
    Tabled: Guy, Seconded: Alex, ACCEPTED/CARRIED
  2. $1700 PLT2 grant (being used for Vimeo), Grant sent invoice to EdSA.  The first session will be a Facebook live stream for GMIL Week 2020.
  3. EdSA:
    1. Minister's Arts Awards.  Grant was in the judging panel.  There's, now, extra categories for different schools (Primary Government, Primary Non-government, Secondary Government, Secondary Non-government).  But there we no entries lodged for the primary non-govermnent schools.  The prize is $5000 for professional development.
    2. Applications begin next year for professional development grants.
    3. No report for Arts Inspire.
  4. ABC tours:  Grant still to write a letter.
  5. Website:  GMIL events to be listed.
  6. Membership drive:  Update the membership application form and list of benefits on the website.
  7. Finances:  Closing balance $3724.91.
  8. Media Moves:  The last show had some movie tickets to give away, for the first time in ages (Liam Neeson, Honest Thief).  Steve Watt supplying some tickets, interested in promoting a New Zealand doco about the band Six60 (formerly 3MG).
  9. Facebook:  We've added a more human-friendly URL to the Facebook page, which has words instead of just being numbers (the old one will continue to work, too).  This will look better, as well as being a bit easier to type.


  10. GMIL:
    1. We could mention on our membership form (or on the website, in general), we're a part of GMIL.  Suggest we promote the word UN earlier in the wording than GMIL, it's much more recognised.  We're in the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy.  Could do with a blurb explaining that.
    2. Our first 2020 GMIL Week session will be a live Facebook stream on Wednesday 21 October, at 5:30 pm, run by Grant.  A Zoom session, in response, will be held the following Wednesday, to be run by Alex &/or Guy.  To be a structured discussion.  Guy to look into ideas about making it interesting.
    3. MIL Clicks campaign:  More aimed at students than teachers, getting kids to sign up as MIL Clickers.  Has posters on-line for teachers.
    4. There's an on-line course through a Canadian University with a curriculum designed for teachers, not students.
    5. There are educational resources from TED conferences at
  11. Next exec meeting planned for 5 December 2020.
  12. Meeting closed 12:10 pm.

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