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SAAME (pronounced as “Sammy”) originally began as the S.A. Association for Screen Education during the 1970's, and hosted the first National Screen Education Conference in Australia.  And has been a member of CEASA (now known as Educators SA) since 1993.

Membership is open to everyone concerned with media education (school teachers, students, general public, etc), and people in the media industries.  SAAME conducts teaching workshops and offers peer support to media/arts teachers.

Please join our “MEET” (Media Educators Engaging Together) facebook group.

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The next SAAME meeting hasn't been scheduled, yet.

Last SAAME executive meeting:
16 September 2022 held at The Boat Deck Cafe.
Draft of minutes now available.

28 Febrary 2023 held on-line over Zoom.
Draft document of minutes now available.

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The South Australian Association for Media Education