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Media Education Manifesto

Media Educators Engaging Together (MEET) Facebook group.  For the exchange of ideas and information with other teachers, sharing of other resources, information on events, meetings, and conferences.

Media Literacy Report (July 2007):  DOC file or PDF file

Australian Curriculum: The Arts Foundation to Year 10 (PDF file).  Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) July 2012 draft report for consultation.

Australian Curriculum - The Arts (2 July 2013):  DOCX file or PDF file

Review of the Australian Curriculum - final report (2014) (PDF file).  Media arts should become a separate standalone subject and substantially reduced in content.  What will this mean for Media education in Australia?

Copyright Booklet (2008) (PDF file).  Introduction to copyright and related issues for documentary film makers.

Media Investigation: Ten Steps to Success (Thom Burns) (PDF file).  Material from the Media Investigation Workshop conducted by Thom Burns at the ABC in June (2011?).  Please make sure you acknowledge this work as being Thom's intellectual property.

Filming production tips (an external page from a video production company covering about a dozen points, in about three paragraphs for each section).

Study guides

A study guide to the film “Two Fists, One Heart” (PDF file)

A study guide to the film “Salute” (PDF file)

A study guide to the claymation film “Mary and Max” (PDF file)

Production notes on the film “The Fifth Estate,” about Julian Assange and Wikileaks (PDF file)

Media influence in elections

The usual view of traditional news media is that Rupert Murdoch and his News empire can make or break governments.  However research as highlighted by Economic Journalist from The Age, Peter Martin in, “Rupert moves minds? Sure, if you already agree with him” suggests otherwise (external website link).

Two documents cited in his article:

Why Does Balanced News Produce Unbalanced Views? (PDF file).  A working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The Political Impact of Media Bias (PDF file)

Peter Martin being interviewed on ABC radio about the political influence of Murdoch newspapers, an ABC radio segment.  (MP3 audio file, 9 min & 41 sec)

In January 2017 Aleks Vickovich (managing editor, wealth and innovation, at Momentum Media) suggested that objective journalism is dead in his article:  Making the Media Great Again.  (External website links)

Ironically this information might not be making its way into media classes for the very reason coming from the research - we tend to maintain our views rather than adopting new ones based on objective data.  Are you open to a different view of Media Influence?


SAAMPLINGS (February 2010) one of our old newsletters, back in the day of sending paper through the post (PDF file)


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