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Grant Brindal (president & treasurer).  Grant Brindal has been teaching Media in SA schools since 1977.  While from a secondary background, as an ICT coach and New Media Awards mentor, Grant has worked at a range of schools across the state.  He has been involved in the development of Media curricula at both state and federal levels and is the Lead Practitioner on the SACE Board Media Studies assessment team.  He was SA’s first teacher to be awarded a Graduate Diploma in Media from AFTRS and produced ABC Local Radio’s “Talkback Classroom.”  He continues to work on a variety of screen productions, volunteers as a tour guide at the ABC and produces SAAME’s monthly community radio program, “Media Moves” on PBA-FM.

Tim Seifert (secretary, webmaster).  A former Media Studies student of Grant Brindal, later working with Grant over a number of years.  He has been running a video production company since 1991 (filming across a wide range of areas, including sports, theatre, art, seminars, corporate, promotional).

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