Media Education

Media Studies is a wide-ranging subject that can be tackled in different ways.  This may be a choice of the student and/or the teacher.  Some courses may be mainly concerned with studying and analysing content of the media—understanding what you're seeing, and seeing through the smoke and mirrors.  Others might concentrate on producing media content.  You could study films, television, radio, print, journalism, advertising, social media…

What's considered to be the media is constantly evolving.  In the past, it was print, then it was joined by film, radio, television, the internet, even mobile phones.

Studying the media has become more important over time, as the media has become ever more manipulative.  It does more than just inform you of the facts, or merely entertain you.  Aspects of the media are forever trying to influence you.  Whether that's old-fashioned advertising trying to convince you to spend money on something you weren't going to, or attempting to change your political opinions.

You need to think critically about what you're being told.  Are you being conned?  Are you getting a filtered/censored/biassed/distorted view?

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