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2021 Executive Meeting Minutes

26 June 2021, 11:06 am
at President's residence, Valley View

Present: Grant, Tim, Alex, Guy
Apologies: Steve

  1. Acceptance of Minutes of last exec meeting (6 February 2021)
    Tabled: Tim, Seconded: Alex, ACCEPTED/CARRIED
  2. ACARA review (link posted on our MEET page):

    Some of the main changes:

    1. In general capabilities was ICT now “digital literacy,” we suggest they should bring it in line with UNESCO and call it “media and information literacy.”  Tim: “digital literacy” is vague and misleading, it's not an electronics, maths, or computer science course, and not all media is digital.  Alex:  The replacement text in the working out info doesn't even mention literacy.  And more resources are needed, especially for country teachers.
    2. Changing of strands: exploring and connecting; developing skills, practice and ideas, creating.

    Guy:  In his school, too much planning of things, little spent on evaluating any achievement (no review/moderation).

    Grant to submit a response on behalf of SAAME (and publish it on MEET?), and individuals are encouraged to respond themselves (deadline 8 July 2021).

  3. GMIL:  The 11th GMIL conference will be held in Africa 24 to 31 October 2021.
  4. Website:  Domain name renewal due at the end of the month.  Grant's renewed the domain, but couldn't renew the domain (when operational control of the domain was passed to Tim's account at VentraIP, so his webserver could configure domain records appropriately, the renewal process got handed over as well; they can't be separated due to deficiencies in how VentraIP works).  Not bothered about renewing the media matters domain.
  5. Membership:
    1. At the beginning of the year, Educators SA had a meeting of presidents.  As an Educators SA member benefit, The Philosophy Association is offering a year of free membership.
    2. For our own members:  Benefits offered; experience from other members, connections and contacts.  Do we do away with membership fees?  What operating costs do we need to cover?  (PO box.  Domainname and website costs.  Others?  Insurance?)
  6. MEET:  Has 152 members.
  7. Next exec meeting proposed for early October 2021.
  8. Meeting closed at 12:30 pm.

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