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2021 Executive Meeting Minutes

6 February 2021, 10:30 am
held on-line over Facebook chat

Present: Grant, Tim, Alex
Apologies: [Who?]

  1. Acceptance of Minutes of last exec meeting (17 October 2020)
    Tabled: Tim, Seconded: Alex, ACCEPTED/CARRIED
  2. AGM planning:
    1. Hold AGM on-line on Facebook or Zoom?
    2. At the end of the month:  Tue 23rd or Wed 24th Feburary, 5:30, 6 or 7 pm?
    3. Alex will set up a poll on Facebook to let members decide.
  3. ACARA (Australian Curriculum Arts):
    1. Media Arts Critical Friends group is holding a meeting on 24 February 4–5:30 pm. [No weblink/contact details, members have to already know about this.]
    2. First group to work out all the relevant groups to have a voice in the review process. [Of what?]
    3. Wants practicing media arts primary and secondary teacher (does not need to be a SAAME member).
  4. VIMEO:  Need to get the Vimeo thing up and running.
  5. Next meeting:  On-line AGM over Zoom at 24 February 2021, 6 pm (based on the highest results from the Facebook poll).
  6. Meeting closed 11 am.

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