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2019 Executive Meeting Minutes

27 Nov 2019, 4:37 pm
EDC in Hindmarsh

Present: Grant, Steve, Alex, Guy, Hal, Tim, Karen, Laura, Harry, Rod Nancarrow (CEASA/Educators SA)
Apologies: none

  1. Meeting opened 4:37 pm
  2. Educators SA:  Harry introduced Rod Nancarrow, who gave us a brief talk about Educators SA, and how it can help us.  There was a bit of Q & A, and info about Educators SA services.

    Low fees (the amount is cost recovery), printing, membership management (NB: our current system isn't the only way we can do it at the moment, it's just carrying on with the previous system), digital members cards (Harry).

    Strategic planning (Alex?).  Wanting to increase our membership.  Work out who you want to target first, do it in stages.  Best to use different approaches for different targets.  e.g. Need to hook the younger generation (~24 yo) within 8 seconds.

    Governance structures (e.g. dealing with factions).

    Event management (Hal).  Flyers.  Systems to select sessions that you want to attend for events.  Attendence management.

    Wi-Fi hire.

    Member benefits (Educators SA benefits that we can offer to our members as being SAAME membership benefits) .  Hotel discounts (so far; Grand Chancellor on Hindley Street, which has good meeting rooms).  Andersons Solicitors.  Various legal documents (privacy, policies, etc) that we can use as templates to copy and customise for ourselves.

  3. Acceptance of minutes of last meeting (16 Oct 2019) tabled
    Moved: Alex, Seconded: Harry, ACCEPTED/CARRIED
  4. Arts Inspire:  Report from Harry.  Arts Inspire held this year with a focus on gifted & education.  To be biennial (next one in 2021), similar to this year's.  Promoting school leaders.  Looking at the need (preaching to the converted & the non-converted).  Practical workshops for teachers.  Should target government & councils too.  Harry has minutes if wanted (can be put on our website).  The next one is year and a half away.  Next planning meeting probably early next year.
  5. GMIL:  Report from Grant.  The recent GMIL workshop had a big advertisement reach, but a small attendance.
  6. Artwork/logo:  Concentrate on an artistic design of the SAAME name, instead of symbolic imagery.  Get some costing.
  7. Hal:  Do we take up the membership management system that Rod told us about?  Do we organise a meeting to go into it in depth?
  8. AGM planning:  Where to hold it, what to use as a drawcard?  Film, TV, radio, games, Uni, print?  Mil Films (Harry)?
  9. Creative Arts Teacher assocation (Harry).  Creative arts is separate from media (studies).  Process driven (based on the process, rather than the end-product).
  10. Funding (Steve):  Educators SA grant applications (of up to $6000) need to be in by January 28th.  Steve needed to know what we wanted to apply for funding for.  Webinars and Vimeo channels were put forward.  Action: Hal to email Grant info, plus costing, regarding webinars.
  11. 6:10 pm meeting closed.

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