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2018 Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday April 10th, 2018, 6:00pm.
UniSA, Magill Campus, St Bernards Rd, Magill

  1. Welcome: Meeting opened 6.00 pm following Henry Thong presentation et al.
  2. Present: Grant, Tim, Alex, Steve, Guy, Jayne, Harry, Brett
    Apologies: Karen, Zora
  3. Acceptance of Minutes for Executive meeting 9/12/2017
    Moved: Steve
    Seconded: Alex
  4. Business Arising
    • Meetings – eMeeting still to happen. Better now with new laptop.
    • Community TV ongoing – reprieve until June (no acknowledgement of responses, advised to CC leader in further messages)
    • Public liability insurance organised.
    • AGM for February 2018 – Rising Sun Pictures tour very successful. Thanks to Alex for organising.
  5. Business
    1. Adelaide International Youth Film Festival – was successful and calling for 2018 entries. Needs more promotion.
    2. Media Teachers Group – Jayne has unsuccessfully organised two meetings at Wilderness this term. Better targeting. Shorter workshop? Run workshops at practical time into the year.
    3. SACE report – changes to online marking and moderation seemed to go alright.
    4. Membership drive for 2018 – back to mail out? Member perks (industry contacts, equipment info, employment paths info).
    5. Expo/conference – google form, need weeks of advance notice (end of term 2, or beginning of term 3 may be better, suitable venue – Mercury Cinema and MRC have meeting rooms in same building)
    6. Website – need to replace wiki (current service is being discontinued)
    7. Logo – new logo to be considered
    8. Team Cherry happy to do a Q & A at some stage.
  6. Reports
    • Finance: Remains healthy with currently in account. Balance at end of Oct: $6281.01. Currently similar amount, needs verifying.
    • Media Moves: April program tomorrow night Wed. April 11th. Show is broadcast the second Wednesday each month, 8:30 to 9 pm, on 5PBA-FM 89.7 MHz or on-line.
    • Website: MEET active with 60 members along with two Facebook sites. Use events function to publicise next meeting.
    • AOB: none
  7. Next Meeting: 4:30 pm Tue 15 May, Open Access College, Marden – Brett will arrange.
  8. MEETING CLOSED at 6:45pm

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