ATOM National - Media in the National Curriculum meeting

Venue: Room 612, Education Building (A35)
Manning Rd, The University of Sydney
Date: Saturday January 23rd, 2010
Time: 10am – 3pm

Attendees:  Roger Dunscombe (Vic), Victoria Guimmarra (Vic), Michael Dezuanni (Qld), Derek Weeks (Qld), Wendy Ramsay (NSW), Michael Anderson (NSW), Miranda Jefferson (NSW), Gail Hobson (WA), Kym Nadebaum (SA), Eleanor Morison (ACT), Celia Stott (ACT)

  1. Welcome from Roger Dunscombe and Derek Weeks
  2. ATOM National Conference 2011 – Roger
  3. Update on the ACARA process – Michael
  4. Media Education in NSW – Michael Anderson and Miranda Jefferson (University of Sydney)
  5. Building a network of media teachers for the National Arts forum in May – Michael
  6. Outline of key issues for National Curriculum (discussion starter paper) – Michael
  7. Responding to the Lead Writer’s questions - Michael
  8. Starting to define Media – its unique characteristics, and distinctive knowledge (for example, in relation to English) – see attachment, Rationales for Senior Media courses across the States
  9. The issue of “Common Language” across the Arts and implications for media
  10. The issue of simplifying language / jargon around the key concepts of media
  11. Other business
  12. Close

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