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2008 Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday August 12th, 6.00pm.

Najjar’s Restaurant, O’Connell St., Adelaide

  1. Welcome: Meeting opened 6:10pm
  2. Present: Grant, Nick, Thom, Julie
    Apologies: Tom, Lou, Zora
  3. Acceptance of Minutes for Executive meeting 10/6/08
    moved: Julie Haar
    seconded: Nick Sibly
  4. Conference Report:

    20 presenters currently. Teachers need to be informed about the Conference at the beginning of Term 3. Original letter to Mike Rann, response to ask elsewhere another letter sent to Mike. Looking at using existing account.

    Conference program presented. Grant is concerned about sponsorship. Grant is organising an industry panel. Grant is possibly running a session on the National Goals of Schooling.

  5. Cinema concessions: Hoyts, GU & Wallis?
    Wallis fine, GU unknown, Hoyts awaiting response from email.
  6. Activities: Salute premiere (happened). Visit Channel 7, run Study Workshop in first term holidays, target new teachers for workshops and as members.
  7. Newsletter: Mailing before end of term.
  8. Finance: $5500 in bank but conference bills to pay.

    Motion: That SAAME amends its current account with Adelaide Bank, removing Irene Werchola as a signatory, and enabling either of the current signatories (Grant Brindal or Julie Haar) to operate the account rather than both.

    moved: Julie Haar
    seconded: Thom Burns

  9. Media Moves: Radio program tomorrow night 8:30pm.
  10. AOB: None
  11. Next Meeting: Early Term 4 (post-conference).
  12. CLOSED at 7.30pm

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