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2006 Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday 11th April 2006
Wallis Theatrette (139 Richmond Road, Richmond)
following 6.30 p.m. preview of AMERICAN DREAMZ

Present: Grant Brindal, Tom Glouftsis, Thom Burns, Andrew Stanko, Irene Werchola, Zora Wenham
Apologies: Julie Haar, Lou Crow

  1. MEETING OPENED AFTER SCREENING: Executive members were welcomed.
  2. CONFIRMATION of PREVIOUS MINUTES: The Minute’s from April 4th meeting were presented.
    MOVED: Irene
    SECONDED: Thom
    1. AGM – Preview screening of Zathura went well.  Numbers down probably due to Festival et al.
    2. Grant sent letter to Premier Rann inquiring about the status of the Wintonick’s Report following his government’s re-election.
    3. Tertiary members drive continues to be an ongoing issue.
  4. CORRESPONDENCE: held over until next meeting
    1. SAAME Secondary Showcase 2006 – entries closed last Friday April 1.  There are more entries this year from at least six schools (4 video clips; 4 narratives; 10 documentaries).  Urgently need a presenter – Grant will do some investigating.  Thom has constructed a show reel DVD about 90 minutes in length.  Event will be on May 7th at Mercury Cinema.  Every entry will get a certificate.  Thom needs to sign a Statutory Declaration for Attorney General declaring all content to be no higher than M Classification.  Some concern about Piercings – members thought this would be acceptable.  Thom to send Grant a copy for verification.
    2. Democracy Project – Grant attended a meeting with DECS, Arts Dept, UniSA, MRC personnel, young filmmakers etc Two main thrusts.  One is to develop a facilitator’s guide to go with the ten democracy documentaries that are being made worldwide (these will then be screened by broadcasters around the world, SBS in Aust.).  Former CEO Steve Marshall has committed DECS to delivering this.  Second is to encourage documentary filmmaking in our schools with a focus on the theme of Democracy in an effort to deliver some of Wintonick’s recommendations.  Group was too large with too many different views and consequently had done nothing since their previous meeting and was in danger of imploding under its own interests.  Meeting again next term.  Grant took the opportunity to promote our Manifesto (directly links citizenship with media education) and the Showcase.  Many on the committee were unaware of the media education that is already happening in our schools or the large number of make a video competitions flooding schools
    3. T & D – 2006. Offer something in Photo story – Digital storytelling.
  6. REPORTS: held over until next meeting
  7. A.O.B: None
  8. NEXT MEETING: next term after Showcase

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